interior Painting

Interior Painting Services 

With Wilson's Building Services' fresh design concepts and expertise we can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary space. Our painting professionals have decades of painting experience and truly enjoy coming to work each and every day.

Wilson's Building Services provides a wide variety of interior painting techniques & services including: all types of interior painting & spray finishes, staining, drywall repairs, textures, faux finishes  all at very affordable rates!


We know that preparation is key!  A surface that is not properly prepared can result in peeling paint, stains that bleed through, and can create an unwanted appearance. That is why prep is the first step to making your room into the space of your dreams. 

We start by sanding- this gives the substrate some "grip", something that a new top coat can hold on to. In addition a bonding primer should be used on any questionable surfaces (oil based paint, varnish or lacquer, etc.) to ensure a great bond and protect against possible peeling.

Next we fill in any holes or cracks- the time spent with a putty knife, caulk gun, and some quality materials can go a long way toward improving the look of your paint job. Casing and moldings should be caulked at joints and nail holes filled to give the look and feel of a single molded piece. Baseboards should also be caulked to the wall to fill any open gaps.

Quality Paint 

Wilson's Building Services uses high quality paints. These paints will  pay for themselves over time. They will stand up to moisture and abrasion better than standard paint and will hold color longer than cheaper grades.  

Let's work together to make your vision a reality. Call today at 513-437-6900 or fill out the form to get your free quote today!