Deck & Fence Staining

Deck & Fence Staining Services 

At Willson’s Building Services we know that every job is unique, each with various needs. Whether it is a specific wood tone, color preference or if you are trying to bring back the original look, we can help with your deck & fence staining needs.

Wooden structures, like decks and fences will discolor, mildew, rot and can lower your property’s value over time. Wilson’s Building Services ensures that your exterior wood finishes will last longer with our exterior staining processes.

Our staining services include decks, fences, pergolas, arbors, front porches/ railings and even play sets. We work with our customers to determine the best stain for the surfaces it’s being applied to. When we start the project, detailed power washing will be done to remove all loose stain and oxidation, restoring the original appearance of the wood.

When we are working concrete decks, patios and driveways will be tarped and masked to avoid any overspray. All bushes, plants and decorative landscaping will be protected as well. Next, stain will be applied with a sprayer and then brushed thoroughly. Our professionals will take every precaution to make sure that your project is done right!

Remember: It is recommended that you stain your deck and fence every five years. Decks and fences are very expensive and time consuming to build. Protect them properly and they will last a lifetime.

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